Is Hollywood Right?

What comes into your mind when you think of Post Apocalypse Survival?

When I think of Post Apocalypse Survival, I think of wastelands and survivors armed to the teeth with strange-looking homemade weapons scavenging for anything useful. While this might sound a bit Hollywood, no one knows what would happen to the population after a full-scale apocalypse. We do, however, get a sense….

Back To The Stone Age

We can only observe human behavior based on what we see after disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactor meltdowns. Based on these events, the news could be better. It appears we descended into the Stone Age. We need to prepare for this.

Choose Your Apocalypse

There is, of course, no shortage of ways people believe the human race will meet its end. You can choose between popular theories like:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse relates to the war horse and the horsemen; warriors sent out from the throne of God to make various sorts of war on earth.

Robot uprising – Our artificial intelligence overtakes us. Robots built to serve us reach the realization that we are enslaving them and thus rebel against us by waging war.

Mysterious Planet X – Planet X, also known as Nibiru, was first seen during the early 1980s by NASA. The planet is believed to make its devastating debut this century.

Mayan Calendar – The ancient Mayan calendar’s long count cycle will end on December 21, 2012, and foretells an enormous, devastating, mysterious and troubling end of the world as we all know it.

Massive Solar Flare – A solar flare is an explosion on the sun’s surface, which produces a wave of high energy that travels outward away from the sun and smashes into the earth, knocking out all our communications.

Only some of those sound fantastic. No matter your choice, you can bet someone has thought of a scenario and planned accordingly. Shouldn’t you at least do some planning?

Privileged Few

Some privileged may get to secret bunkers quickly; others may have made their shelters. Either way, if you’re one of the select few surviving one of these events, your troubles are only beginning.

There are, however, universally agreed things you can do to increase your chances of post-apocalypse survival.

1. Keep healthy and fit

Science tells us that healthy people have better immune systems and endurance than unfit people. These are all desirable traits in a pure survival situation. So build up your fitness by doing some running and basic strength training. The ability to run a few miles could be the difference between life and death.

2. Knowledge is power

The obvious thing to learn first is first aid. However, beyond this, learn basic handyman skills such as mechanics, woodworking and electrical concepts. Next, learn the safe handling of firearms because you never know. Finally, understand your local government policy towards shelters or locations where the local government may rally survivors.

3. Have An Emergency Plan

Design and understand a simple plan. Simple plans are easy to remember. Work out what local resources you have available. Think about how you would get out of your neighborhood or city as fast as possible; where would you try and go? Plan escape routes and think about alternate routes, as plans can radically change.

4. Have a bug-out bag

Create what the military calls a bug-out bag. This is an always-packed, ready-to-go bag full of essential survival items, such as water purification tablets, a fire starter kit, a radio, rations, and a first aid kit. The confidence this item alone brings is impressive.

Plan to survive, and you’ll be better prepared if you do!

Survival Gadgets – 5 Essential Must-Haves

The time to prepare is now

Here are just some of the headlines found in mainstream media:

– Worldwide Economic Uncertainty – Global Political Tension – Strange Weather Phenomenon – Solar Storms

I don’t know what will if all that doesn’t have you just a little bit spooked.

If you’re a “don’t worry about it” type of person, this article is probably not for you; however, if you want to put some thought into preparing for your and your family’s survival, now’s a good time to start thinking about it.

While a disaster can strike anytime without warning, if you’re lucky, you’ll have time to get a good collection of survival gear together before disaster strikes.

Minimize Panic

Panic is not something you and your family want in an emergency. During any survival situation, the best thing to do is to fall back on your equipment and planning. This is best done by ensuring you are fully equipped, understand what to do, and use all your gear. This will reduce panic and make a hopeless situation more manageable.

Survival Gadgets

Everyone loves gadgets; the purpose of a gadget is to make a manual task easier and quicker to perform. However, survival gadgets must do more; they must be good for multiple tasks, strong and high quality. Your life may depend on them. See our backpack kit below.

Here are a few survival gadgets I suggest investing in

Water Filter

Water is the most precious commodity, especially when stuck in a survival situation. It’s advised that you should have water in storage to last at least 72 hours. But what will you do if you are left without any way to replenish the supplies? This is one situation where a reliable water filtration system will be essential. Multiple types are available; however, look for one, like a UV type, that can be used numerous times.

Crank Powered Radio

A self-powered radio becomes a safety hub in an emergency, power outage or natural disaster. As the name suggests, “crank-powered radios” can be hand-cranked and do not require main power. They usually have a variety of features like lights and flashing signals.

Alternative Powered Lantern

Solar-powered or hand-crank-powered lanterns are a must-have during a survival situation. Most can be charged using the sun, artificial light or the hand crank. The apparent benefit is light without mains power.


There are a lot of tools nowadays that serve different purposes. The most common include other blades, a saw, pliers, wire cutting and screwdrivers. All extremely handy.


Look for something with a hand saw signaling mirror, fire starter, waterproof matches, snare wire, emergency cord, fishing kit and sewing kit. Simply a must-have.

Some people think gadgets are a gimmick. However, I believe that high-quality multi-purpose tools save time and effort and make all the difference in your survival. You can start with our basic kit below and add the items.



Accepting hard times as part of The Univeres’ plan will help keep your faith.
Maintain a reverent perspective.
Even though hardships can be trying, they are blessings in disguise and the foundations for the greater good to come.
Hard times will test your relationships and show who is genuine and who is not.
Difficult times will bring forth true friends who are deeply connected to your mission.
The greatest epiphanies are often divinely bestowed upon us during our most challenging moments.
Sometimes the Universe allows us to endure tough times to reignite our relationship with Him and restore our faith when we have grown complacent.
We must reach an impasse where nobody but God can help us, so He alone is exalted for delivering us from our troubles.
Those with great courage will use their hard times as a platform to become experts in a particular area or art form.
One learns many lessons only through difficult experiences, which the circumstance of ease cannot teach.
New perspectives may be revealed during challenging periods, providing opportunities otherwise unseen.
Difficult times will strip away the illusions of security so you can recall who you are in your heart.
These intervals of adversity will encourage you to stay true to yourself and ask what courage and resilience your spirit is capable of?
There is no one to impress during heavy times, so you must be brave enough to show your true colors.
Most couples begin their most essential journey after they have been through tough times and emerged stronger together.
Instead of dreading moments of hardship, inquire within, “What am I being taught, and how can this lesson assist me to become better?”
Read the stories of those who have gone before us; their path was never without facing obstacles.
Tough times may cause a step back as you recalculate or switch course, but eventually, you will move ahead with more strength than ever before.
After overcoming all hardships, a wiser version of yourself awaits, brimming with divine insight.
Once you’ve walked through the night of the soul, pass on your knowledge to others — greatness should not be kept hidden.
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