Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Storms, Power Outages…

Are you prepared to feed your family when the supermarket shelves go bare in an emergency?

Short Term Food Storage

Survival Gear

Short Term Food Storage

Short Term Food Storage is essential when it comes to peace of mind.  If you knew that in November Civil unrest will be so bad that you do not want to take a trip to the grocery store would you buy some short term food in advance?  Why not have a Short Term Food Storage System in place so you are not rushing to the store to buy food from half-empty shelves in emergencies

Survival Gifts

By Jake Buckland

Survival gifts are products designed for a practical purpose – saving lives. There are different types. From roadside emergency kits to family survival kits, emergency food kits, and individual survival kits. Ideally, an emergency kit will have everything a person or persons need to survive a disaster.

Survival gifts provide basic human needs.

These survival gifts are designed to address our most basic human needs, as identified by the psychologist Abraham Maslow. At the lowest level, professor Maslow identifies human needs for survival as physiological requirements. Without them, life cannot be sustained and would ultimately fail. Human needs for survival depend on air, food, water, shelter, sleep, light, warmth, first-aid, communication, and hygiene/sanitation.

These survival gifts are ideal for those who are responsible for protecting their family. Anyone who understands that when a disaster strikes, the government won’t be in a position to save their family. They’ll be busy responding to more significant problems like repairing critical infrastructure (re-establishing communications, power, hospitals, bridges, etc.). They’re also ideal for new parents and homeowners who want to protect their loved ones at all costs. These survival gifts are for those who believe that nothing lasts forever, and change is inevitable.

A typical survival backpack would protect against the following scenarios:

Earthquake: When bridges are out, and supply lines become disrupted, your grocery store will be closed. You won’t have food or medicine, and the roads may be blocked. Typically the government won’t respond for three days. An emergency survival kit will enough have food and water for you and your family.

Wildfire: Borders are no barriers to wildfires. From California to the Northwest Territories, wildfires have caused significant damage and displaced thousands of people. An emergency kit ensures you have basic needs to survive. From hygiene products to remain clean, radios for public alerts food and water.

Snowstorm: If you’ve ever been in a snowstorm during rush hour traffic you will know that it’s kind of scary. Sometimes you might be stuck for several hours without food, water, or any entertainment. A typical emergency kit will have food, water, and a deck of cards to keep your family fed and calm. Just make sure you have enough gas in the tank.

Pandemic: From SARS, H1N1 and the Ebola Virus the risk of developing severe respiratory problems from airborne pathogens is a legitimate concern. Using respiratory protection such as N95 masks will reduce the likelihood of getting sick. Every emergency kit should have one.

Whether you decide to build your emergency kit or purchase one, remember these survival gifts save lives, your loved one will appreciate it.

Practical Emergency Kits was founded on the principle of providing families with emergency supplies and practical knowledge that’s grounded in scientific research. We believe knowledge is the best way to conquering fear.

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