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Long-Term Food Storage

Don’t worry, the zombies aren’t coming… but what if?

We have aliens for February. 

Milk for Long Term Storage

Survival Gear

 Why You Need Long Term Food Storage 

In reality, it won’t be zombies that we have to worry about.  The world seems to be more vulnerable to emergencies, conflicts, and disasters. It is not quite the same as the zombies, but emergencies and disasters are the same principles.

We need to be prepared to take care of our families in times of floods, storms, earthquakes, and so on.  We recommend starting with a minimum of one month’s food supply and building as your budget allows.  You will have your long-term food storage supply if you start with short-term food storage and plan to purchase in increments not too far down the road.

What is to Come? Why do you need Long Term Food Storage?

The atmosphere is getting very uneasy in the United States. We can’t be sure, but we can be prepared. At the rate we are going, anything is possible. Having Long Term Food Storage Buckets in a safe location that are easily stacked and stored may come in very handy someday, and you will be happy you thought ahead.

Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods and Who Knows What Else?

It is not far-fetched that you could have an emergency in your future that would put the store shelves bare for a few months. If you have not thought about this, you may not be ready.

Buy some buckets, slide them under your bed—they fit quite nicely under most beds. Having 3 months of food for your family brings peace of mind. Buy them, store them and forget about them for twenty to twenty-five years because that is how long they last.

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