Long Term Food Storage

  • Be Prepared For Any Catastrophe

    Emergency food to survive anything from Pandemics, Aliens or WWIII


10 – 18 Days

Breakfast and entrees are approximately 3 weeks

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Milk for Long Term Storage

Survival Gear

Long Term Food Storage – In reality it won’t be zombies that we have to worry about.  The world seems to be more vulnerable to emergencies, conflicts and disasters. It is not quite the same as the zombies coming but emergencies and disasters are the same principal. We need to be prepared so we can take care of our families in times of floods, storms, earthquakes and so on.  We recommend starting with a minimum of a one month food supply and building as your budget allows.  If you start off with short term food storage and plan to purchase in increments not too far down the road you will have your long term food storage supply.