Surviving Apocalypse – The Aliens are Coming and so are the Zombies

Or is it the zombies?

After 2020 you do realize it can be both—right?

Apocolypse 2022?


We can talk about the current state of affairs and the propaganda machine that fuels the fire of deception and bore you with the same old rhetoric you hear day in and day out to make a point. Instead, we created a little story to make you think.

Imagine, if you will (just for fun, of course, because we are tired of thinking of all the real-life fears of what the future holds) that tomorrow you wake up and your phone is ringing off the hook. You fumble to your cell with sleep in your eyes, barely awake, and you instinctively know it’s something gone horribly wrong. Your memory flashes through the current sociopathic establishment’s thoughts that are heading us down the current treacherous path when you reach your phone, and it’s your mom.  “Come quick! The aliens have landed.” You rush to get your shoes while your mom explains that massive alien ships have surrounded your area and many other areas around the planet while you were sleeping.

Your first thought is and should always be, how quickly can I get to my mom’s side to protect her? Your second thoughts should be, what weapons do I have, where can we find safety, do we have enough food and gear to not have to leave the security of our home, and how long will the supplies last?

What if this were to happen to your tomorrow? Are you prepared for anything that is to come? The actual test is when aliens invade, and you must stay in your home because they morph into beings identical to your next-door neighbor, so not a soul can be trusted, not even your mom, it could be a setup, but of course, you take that chance and rush to her side. You would rather die than not help your mom. You are now at mom’s house and in survival mode and only have what is in your home and hers.

That was fun. Wasn’t it? The story is as outlandish as we watch our government morph into communism. It’s not true and not going to happen, of course—so we think.  We could put a Chines invasion in the place of the aliens or simply, as Gert Vanden Bosschee predicts—putting pressure on the virus through mass vaccine injections is forcing the virus to mutate to a more deadly, more pathogenic form. Can you stay in your home over the winter to avoid the disease? Could you stay at your house for a month? Or is it only a week before you would absolutely have to head to the grocery store if they were open should this thing become more deadly?

Now tell me, if this happened, what are you missing? How soon are you out of food? When do you think the water will be turned off because the employee at the water company will not be going to work? And the gas? How will you cook? What will you cook? Where will you get your water? How long will you survive? Do you have security against the aliens? By the way, the aliens are turning people into zombies, so now it’s a double attack. Are you prepared, or is this the war of the worlds, and you freak out?

If you can survive this, you will survive anything.  Our point is maybe it’s time to buy a bucket or two of survival food just in case… Not of aliens but of a hurricane, fire, flood, or anything that might come our way. Oh, and by the way. Make sure mom has a few buckets for herself.

We will be eating humans and each other what will you eat?