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Survival Food, Emergency Food, Long and Short Term Food Storage System – It does not matter what you call it as long as you have it for the unexpected emergencies you are covered.

A Plan for Outdoor Survival

So you are an Outdoor Enthusiast and you want to be prepared? In order to be prepared, you must be a “Master of Disaster” which means you are prepared for almost anything. Remembering to pack all the right survival gadgets is easy enough because as an expert explorer you have a great survival checklist on hand at all times. Still, no checklist is failsafe.

Here is an example of what I mean. Survival foods are not the most important thing in most short-term emergency situations in the wild. One can live for weeks without eating if you have to. In the short term, it’s usually more essential to find cover, water, a place to stay dry and uninjured. However, just being confident you have the wherewithal to find food and can put something in your stomach, can do wonders for one’s peace of mind, which can be fundamental to your survival.

The following lists are examples of food for the US and Canada Region. It is recommended that one read up on the animals and plant indigenous to the geographic location being explored. I also suggest keeping notes and pictures in a folder you can pack with other survival supplies.

Plants to Consider:

Cattail is one of the most available and calorie-rich foods in the wild. The white part of the stalk at the bottom, and the new shoots, can be eaten raw or cooked. Pollen from the flower spike can be shaken into a bag and used in soups. Flower spikes can be cooked like corn-on-the-cob when green. Roots can be mashed in water to release the starch, which can be added to soups. Cattails grow in swamps or wet soil, and you really should get to know this plant.

The inside bark of pine trees is edible. It’s a good survival food to remember because it is available every season. That white spongy layer between the outside bark and the wood is what you need to look for. Although it is mostly fiber, it holds enough carbohydrates to be worth boiling into a soup especially if your choices are limited.

Ready-to-eat berries can be a delicious and satisfying survival food at the right time of year. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, and blackberries all have their wild forms. If it looks like the domestic one (usually smaller) and smells and tastes like it, it’s safe to eat. Of course, it’s fun to know which mushrooms to eat, or which flowers are edible, but both have almost no calories. Just know what to eat and what not to eat in advance. Some mushrooms and some pine trees are poisonous.

Know the most available and calorie-rich edible plants. Those are the survival foods that will most likely save your life.

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