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Welcome! This is our new Survival Site. Fresh and modern as it should be for every prepper with up to date information, ideas and facts.

Get ready for what’s to come. Are you prepared? Do you have basic survival skills? How about a food and water supply?

Imagine this. A disaster of some sort is coming our way in a hurry. There is a mad rush on food stores. You are working somewhere, (I work out in the wilderness a lot) and you are not advised of the situation. You get to the store and everything is gone! There is nothing on the shelf. Now what?

You then find out that this will be a big deal. It will last quite a long time and you have no food, no gear, no training, no skills and no knowledge. What will you do.

Here is the solution – Follow along with us. Educate yourself in your spare time. Read and article a day. If you can afford it purchase the basics for a one month survival. If you have more money buy your goods in 3 month increments.  If you have a ton of money why not buy everything you need now?

Find a spot to store your goods. Remember in a major emergency where food shelves are bare for months, (Putin does find a way to destroy our internet) people will go into survival mode and be capable of absolutely anything to get food.  Hence.. find good hiding spots in your home.

What kind of hiding spots for good would you suggest?

I have a fake wall in my home.  Only two people on the planet know where it is just in case I drop. If the zombies get me I have one trusted person in walking distance that knows where my food supply is so it will not go to waste.  He also knows that I have thousands of rounds of ammo stored, security systems and very well trained in fire arms.

Where will you hide your food? Do you trust people to tell them where it is?





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